New York Normal: Cheap Eats, Wash, and Treats.
New York City isn't known for being an affordable city, but there are definitely deals to be found. This one's dedicated to the manly Manhattanite—the one who offsets his swanky apartment with some good, old-fashioned steals. Pick up a slice for 99¢, find a good dollar-a-pound wash-and-fold, and treat your next date to a dozen of roses for a Hamilton. Penny-pinchers, rejoice. New York Normal.

New York Normal: National News is Local News.
"This is Today!" and "Good Morning America!"—two popular phrases that many across the country hear over their morning coffee. But where do those sayings originate? Right here in NYC. Here national news is local news, from the TV broadcasts to the morning paper. And thanks to the "Greater New York Area" sections of the NY Times & the WSJ, everyone can know what's news here in the Big Apple. New York Normal.

New York Normal: The Anthora
An iconic vessel, the Anthora coffee cup seemingly stems from Grecian days and was once found in every deli & bodega this side of the Hudson. It's now a rare find due to designer coffee shops on every corner; Solo (the company most associate with college) only makes them on request. If you stumble across one of their many iterations, you've found the holy grail of New York Normal.

Note: Illustration pictured is not the original design, rather the one you're most likely to see. (Be excited you found one!)

New York Normal: Old Man Softball
Many grow up and partake in America's pastime, from throwing a ball around in the backyard to playing Little League baseball in the neighborhood fields. But eventually you graduate from high school, from college, and then it's time for intramural, recreational softball. And in New York, instead of playing catch in the backyard, you play ball in Central Park. In the words of my boyfriend, "you hit it 1,000 feet and you think you're some hot-shot," but in reality you're about to hit that group of gals sunning themselves on the Great Lawn. New York Normal.

New York Normal: Souvenir Shops.
I Love New York. (No, really, I do.) When you're looking to broadcast that Love to the world, there's a thousand different places to pick up your choice of NY swag. But don't let the "variety" of shops fool you—it's one and you're done. New York Normal.
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